The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Maldives to the United Nations and other International Organizations in Geneva (PMGVA) is entrusted with the task of representing the Maldives at the United Nations – to monitor and participate in the various meetings of the United Nations and its affiliated bodies that are held in Geneva, including the Human Rights Council and Universal Periodic Review  and to report back to the Ministry.

Its primary purpose is to protect and promote the national interest of the country as defined by the foreign policy objectives of the administration in power, advise and recommend policy options to the Foreign Ministry.

In addition to its role in representing the Maldives at the UNHRC, the Mission is also expected to participate, assist and advise the Ministry on all activities that are taking place in the United Nations that is of relevance and interest to the Maldives. These would include the meetings of the Human Rights Council, WTO, ECOSOC, OIC, NAM, AOSIS and a host of other UN related meetings, including various UN Special Sessions that are held annually and preparations for which often goes throughout the year.

The UN today comprises 193 member states and while it holds its annual substantive session of the GA from September through December in New York, it is in reality in action throughout the year including the Human Rights Council and Universal Periodic Review that takes place three times a year that Maldives takes part in. The work of the UN has expanded quite considerably in recent years as its membership has grown and the world has become more complex and interdependent.

In recent years, the Maldives has become more active and engaged in international affairs than ever before. Having graduated from the Least Developed Country category in 2011, the Maldives has embraced their “developing country” status and has committed to meeting its international obligations and responsibilities. The Maldives is today a mature country, engaged with the community of nations, and with a voice on the world stage.