Representing the Government of the Republic of Maldives, Mr.Waheed’s primary responsibility is over engagement with the UN Human Rights Council and the World Trade Organisation. He also oversees the diplomatic, consular and administrative work of the Mission.

Mr. Waheed’s primary focus is on political, humanitarian, and legal affairs, including assisting on crisis preparedness and management for the Maldivian Government and has provided expertise at the United Nations on a variety of issues including youth engagement, disarmament, Middle East affairs, LDC graduation and transition, SIDS recognition, human rights, trade and gender parity. Being one of the youngest senior diplomats in the UN community, Mr. Waheed has consistently advocated substantive youth engagement in national, regional and global governance, actively contributing to UN resolutions towards that end, including through the strengthening of the Office of the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth.

Mr. Waheed has been substantively involved in numerous negotiations from the Arms Trade Treaty to the Committee on Population Development to the Sustainable Development Goals. In the Maldives’ capacity as the Chair of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), Mr. Waheed led Small Island Developing States (SIDS) engagement on disaster risk reduction, development financing, development priorities and climate change; representing one fifth of the UN Membership in these negotiations.

The Permanent Mission is also the Embassy to Switzerland, Italy and Turkey. As such, Mr. Waheed concurrently serves as the Deputy Chief of Mission for the Maldives Embassies to the Switzerland, Italy and Turkey. Mr. Waheed an Additional Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Maldives, serving at the rank of a Deputy Minister.

Before joining the Foreign Service, Mr. Waheed worked in the local media in the Maldives, serving as the Editor for a newspaper as well as a News Anchor. He also founded and chaired for seven years a non-governmental organization dedicated to healthcare and education awareness programs and has served on the board of a Silicon Valley Search Engine Optimization Company in California.

Mr. Waheed has also worked in a local Maldivian construction company as the Assistant Financial Manager and later as the Assistant General Manager, as well as in the Maldives country office of UNICEF on child protection and nutrition programs.

Mr. Waheed is a graduate of Stanford and Columbia Universities.