As a country strategically situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean along key east-west trade routes, Maldives have always been closely intertwined with international commerce. The first documented contact between the Maldives and the outside world occurred in the mid-10th Century when Arab and Persian traders began visiting the islands, attracted by the abundance of pearls, spices, coconuts, dried fish and, in particular, cowry shells which were accepted currency from Africa to China until the sixteenth Century.

In modern times, trade has gained more significance to the Maldives. The country continues to be an important port-of-call for ships transporting goods between Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, and commerce continues to drive the economy, along with tourism and trade in marine products; the fisheries sector is the largest export sector in the Maldives and the biggest single source of employment leading the way.

Businesses and investors in Europe who are considering investing in the Maldives are welcome to contact the Embassy to seek information on areas of trade cooperation or commercial contacts in the Maldives. If you have any enquiry about doing business in the Maldives, please contact us