The Permanent Mission of Maldives is responsible for the consular protection of all Maldivian nationals who are temporary residents or visiting the Schengen Zone. The Mission provides a number of consular services to the Maldivian community in Switzerland, Italy and Turkey and can provide assistance to Maldivians in times of need.

General Consular Assistance

In addition the assistance listed elsewhere, the Mission can provide the following general assistance:

-Contact the relatives or friends of Maldives in the Schengen zone and ask them for financial assistance

-Provide information on money transfers or other means of obtaining emergency funds.

-Provide information and contact details of local lawyers, doctors and so forth.

-Advise on the necessary procedures in the event of an accident or fatality and arrange for the next of kin or guardians to be informed.

-Visit Maldivians detained by local law enforcement agencies or detained in prison. In some circumstances the Mission can arrange for messages to be delivered to family or friends in Maldives.

-Provide information on the organisations responsible for missing items or missing persons.

-In some circumstances, speak to the local authorities on behalf of Maldivians in the Switzerland, Italy and Turkey.

Although staff at the Mission will try to do everything they can to assist Maldivians facing difficulties in the Schengen Area, the Mission is not able to provide financial assistance.