Maldivian citizens residing in Switzerland, Turkey and Italy can apply for their first Maldivian passports through the Maldives Embassy by following the instructions below.

Please note that these instructions apply to Maldivians wishing to apply for a passport for the first time. For information on the renewal of an expired passport click here, for the issuance of a passport in the event that a passport has been lost, stolen or damaged click here, and for the issuance of temporary travel documents click here.

Required Documents

To apply for a new passport for the first time, please prepare the following documents for submission to the Embassy in person or by post:

  1. A covering letter requesting the issuance of a passport, including details of all enclosed documents.
  2. A fully completed Passport Application Form (please remember to include a current contact number and signatures in the relevant boxes). If the applicant is under the age of 18 years old, then the relevant boxes should be signed by the applicant’s parent or guardian. The passport application form can be downloaded here
  3. A fully complicated vetting form (IM32) as per the new regulations of Maldives Immigration. The form can be downloaded here.
  4. Two passport-sized photographs that comply with the requirements set out by Maldives Immigration. Details of these requirements can be found here
  5. A copy of the applicant’s Maldivian Identification Card
  6. Passport fees (see below)

Please ensure that all necessary documents are submitted when making your application.

Processing Time

Following receipt of application, passport renewal will take approximately 12 working days.

Renewal will take longer if the necessary documents are missing, incomplete or not in accordance with requirements, and/or payment is incorrect.

Passport Fees

Please inquire for further information about fees.