Delivered on 18 September 2017

Delivered by Mr Jeffrey Salim Waheed, Minister and Deputy Permanent Representative of Maldives to United Nations in Geneva

Thank you Mr President,


My delegation welcomes the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic, and thanks the Commissioner for his update.

Mr. President,

For seven years, one of the deadliest conflicts of the 21st Century has been raging across Syria, spilling over to neighbouring nations, with direct global consequences ranging from large displaced populations to the emergence of new global terrorism networks, and with casualty estimates at half a million lives.

My delegation condemns all violence and armed conflict, and we especially condemn the acceptance of the changing nature of war prevailing in Syria; where pro Government forces are able to target humanitarian facilities, including hospitals, schools, utilities and also aid workers; where the use of chemical weapons including sarin and weaponized chlorine is now well documented; where terrorists target minorities and the most vulnerable segments of a population; and where all this happens with complete impunity.

Since its ratification, the Geneva Convention IV on the humane treatment of civilians during times of war, has never been so blatantly ignored and so thoroughly trampled.

Mr. President

The Maldives welcomes every effort that fosters the establishment of peace and for bettering the situation for the civilians in Syria. We commend the efforts being made to establish de-escalation zones, cease-fires.

However these efforts attempt to relieve symptoms and not the cause. The suffering might be released temporarily but to give lasting remedy to this nation and region, the only way is to end the conflict. We therefore call on the international community to create conditions that foster negotiations with all stakeholders and to constructively contribute to finding a political solution for lasting peace.

Thank you, Mr. President