Delivered on 21 September 2015

Delivered by Ms. Geela Ali Minister / Chargé d’affaires, a,i., Permanent Mission of the Republic of Maldives to the United Nations Offices at Geneva


Thank you Mr. President,

The Maldives is exercising its right of reply following statements made by some delegations, at the General Debate of Item 4.


The Maldives has always stated its openness for engagement, and despite delegations making statements, without any efforts to continue the dialogue is a clear indication of their lack of interest for engagement or to get a clear picture of the situation from both sides. The Maldives requests these delegations, before making an uninformed decision, to visit the Maldives and get a clear bearing by meeting all parties, instead of one side.


The Maldives reiterates that the political and human rights situation of Maldives should not be determined based on one individual, and that a holistic approach needs to be taken. When the human rights situation of a country is determined by these delegations focusing on one individual, it speaks for itself the


On the issue of the sentencing of former President Nasheed, we reiterate that there are many tiers that are available for Mr. Nasheed. When Mr. Nasheed has refused to appeal at the higher courts, the Prosecutor General had filed an appeal at the High Court. Recently, on 17 September, the Prosecutor General has filed an application with the Maldives Supreme Court in former President Nasheed’s Case requesting that the decision of the High Court be set aside. Mr Nasheed’s refusal to engage with the process is a deliberate attempt to sabotage the proceedings and thus it is Mr Nasheed who is seeking to manipulate the judicial process for political gain. When these avenues of remedies are available, international community and concerned delegations should be encouraging former President Nasheed to avail those opportunities, instead of pointing fingers at the Government and judiciary of the Maldives.

The Maldives has always stated that our systems are not perfect – just like any other country. The Government is working with international partners to strengthen these mechanisms. Different tiers of appeal are already available to address such concerns. Hence, the Maldives would like to request these delegations to clarify from the former President, why he refused to appeal in the Maldives, and instead prefers the sympathy and attention from the international community and the international media.


Thank you Mr. President.