Delivered on 9 March 2017

Delivered by Dr Marium Jabyn, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Maldives and Delegate to 34th Session of Human Rights Council

Thank you Mr. President,

My delegation welcomes the reports presented under this agenda item.

Mr. President,

The Maldives recognizes that the promotion and protection of human rights require a conducive environment in which respect for the rule of law and justice prevail. The Maldives reiterates its commitment to enable such a conducive environment for human rights by advancing the rule of law and enhancing its legislations and policies. The Maldives further believes that human rights education and training can develop a culture that respects and values human rights of all people. In this vein, we reiterate our full commitment to the promotion and protection of human rights, which will remain at the core of all our efforts in fostering sustainable development and inclusive societies.

Mr. President,

It has been repeated on numerous occasions that prevention of human rights violations remains a centre responsibility to this Council. Countering violent extremism has become a serious global problem. It is evident that there is a direct correlation between the violations of rights and the rise of risk in violent extremism. Tackling the conditions conducive to the spread of terrorism requires an all of UN approach. For this, we must encourage cooperation and make meaningful impact on the ground.

It is now that I would like to formally request the ongoing cooperation upon the international community to not stand idlily by while injustice takes place before our eyes. Let us unite and use that harmony to continue to promote peace, security and for all human beings.

Thank you.