Delivered on: 8th March 2018

Delivered by: Mr Amin Javed Faizal, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Delegate to HRC37

Mr. President,

At a time when injustice and inequality continue to escalate around the world, the guidance and engagement of the Human Rights Council are vital to the promotion and protection of our most basic human rights. The Maldives recognize the importance of assuring an environment where mutual respect and understanding, the need to engage in dialogue constructively and the willingness to listen – is vital to mounting a sustainable and supportive effort in safeguarding human rights for the betterment of generations to come.

Through the cohesive resolve of our member States we must seek to remedy a world troubled by segregation and indifference. We must aim to amend fundamental values and the respect for all people by advancing human rights education and encouraging a culture of respect for human rights across all nations. This, ladies and gentlemen cannot be achieved unilaterally or without consulting the countries concerned. It is only through collaboration, assertive discourse, and with the positive intent of instilling a system of values and norms for the long term, that human rights can be effectively safeguarded around the world.

Mr. President,

My delegation is deeply troubled by the continuing human rights violations in Myanmar against stateless individuals like the Rohingya. We again take note of the horrific situation in Palestine, as marginalized groups lack the most fundamental necessities to daily life. We must continue to strive for consensus to confront discrimination – averting the divisive politics that threaten our initiatives from within.

The Maldives wishes to reiterate the importance of cooperation and consultation with member states in combating human rights violations around the world. We oppose the use of the Council and its mechanisms to systematically and unfairly target countries. The Council should not be used unilaterally to achieve countries’ national bilateral interests.

In conclusion Mr. President, engagement and dialogue, are vital to achieve a greater understanding of human rights situations, the complex issues involved and to seek a sustainable solution for the collective good of all peoples. We remain committed to the work of the Council in this regard. Thank you Mr. President.