Delivered on 1 March 2018

Delivered by H.E. Dr Hala Hameed, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Maldives to the United Nations Office at Geneva

Mr. President,

My delegation thanks the Special Rapporteur for the comprehensive report presented under this Agenda Item.

Mr. President,

No country is immune to the dangers of terrorism. The threat of terrorism is real even for the most powerful and the weakest alike.

The Maldives strongly condemns all acts of terrorism that are being inflicted across the globe. We believe terrorism itself is an attack on human rights. The innocent victims of terrorism are deprived of their most fundamental right to live in peace and security.

For the Maldives, combatting terrorism, fighting violent extremism, and radicalisation, are national priorities. Along with the recently enacted legislation, a comprehensive national policy is in place now. Also, recognizing the importance of coordination and assistance of all the institutions to tackle this issue, we have established a National Counter Terrorism Centre in 2016. In 2017, NCTC formulated the National Strategy on Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism, which guides the national effort on this important front.

We also continue to closely work with our bilateral and international partners, studying best practices, and forging common consensus to not only tackle the spread of violent extremism, but also prevent and protect our citizens, foreign tourists and critical infrastructure from acts of terrorism through increased preventive and protective measures.

Mr, President,

The Maldives recognizes the work of the various UN bodies and agencies towards combating global terrorism, including the work carried out by the United Nations Office of Counter- Terrorism.

Let me conclude, by reaffirming our commitment to take all the necessary measures against terrorism and violent extremism in accordance with the United Nations Global Counter Terrorism Strategy.

Thank you, Mr. President.