Delivered on 13 March 2018

Delivered by Mr Amin Javed Faizal, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Delegate to HRC37

Thank you, Mr. President,

My delegation would like to thank the Independent International Commission of Inquiry for their continued work to document the grave situation in Syria. The Maldives remains deeply concerned about the on-going violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.

The citizens of Syria have been enduring systematic violations of their human rights for over six years as a result of the continuing conflict in Syria. The denial of the right to food, water, education, health care, and the right to life has become the norm for the Syrian people living under siege. Health facilities, schools, water resources, ambulances, care workers have been the focus of repeated attacks. With at least 6.5 million Syrians displaced as a result of hostilities, including almost 3 million children, the effects of the atrocities ripple across the borders of Syria and affect the international community as a whole.

The Maldives is yet again concerned by reports on the use of prohibited weapons, including chlorine munitions, incendiary weapons, cluster munitions and chemical weapons. The attacks are indiscriminate, barbaric and brutal. The report has documented use of starvation as a method of warfare, which constitutes a war crime, leading to severe acute malnutrition on expectant mothers and children. Recent air strikes have left adults and children disabled, heavily injured and or dead. This is the harrowing everyday life of the people of Syria.

Mr. President,

We call on the full implementation of the Security Council resolution 2401, and we support the recommendations made by the Commission of Inquiry calling on the international community to support an independent mechanism to coordinate and consolidate claims regarding missing persons, including persons subjected to enforced disappearance; and to fulfil benchmarks on accountability and human rights protection.

Thank you, Mr. President.