Delivered on 25 June 2018

Delivered by Mr. Jeffrey Salim Waheed, Minister | Deputy Permanent Representative of the Republic of Maldives to the United Nations Office and other International Organisations at Geneva


Mr. President,

We have been reminded this session, that the Human Rights Council is a vital mechanism to bring occurrences of human rights abuse to light within the international community. Though only 47 Members may vote at a time, as a subsidiary body of the United Nations General Assembly, they are chosen to do so in best interests of all UN Member States. The Council gives a voice to the voiceless and attempts to safeguard the most vulnerable peoples around the world. It does so by being the primary vehicle by which the global community forms a consensus, developing the norms and standards which we should strive for.

The Maldives believes that democratic rights and responsibilities must be reiterated time and time again, integrated with the 2030 Agenda and in line with our obligations to maintain international peace and security. It is on this basis that the Maldives continues to engage constructively with the Council, its mechanisms and other Member States to ensure that our collective interests in the promotion and protection of human rights are fulfilled.

Our engagement at the Council both as a serving member for 6 years previously, and today as an observer, has contributed to the consolidation of democracy at home, helped raise domestic awareness on human rights and our international obligations. The developmental agenda of the Government of Maldives has placed priority on the welfare and wellbeing of our citizens, to safeguard their fundamental rights and to work for the betterment of society. The rights and responsibilities enshrined in our Constitution, including on civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, provides a stable foundation for the promotion of the rule of law, human rights, strict separation of powers and accountability.  The Government is today investing in its people, and empowering them to create an enabling environment for healthy lives.

Before concluding, let me reiterate the full commitment of the Maldives to work closely with the Council, its mechanisms and Member States as we had done so in previous years. We will continue to contribute meaningfully, and constructively to the discussions put before the Council, through dialogue and consensus.

Thank you, Mr. President