Delivered on 27 June 2018

Delivered by Ms. Aishath Shaula, First Secretary| Permanent Mission of Maldives to the United Nations Office at Geneva.

Mr. President,

The Maldives expresses its gratitude to the OHCHR and special procedures mandate holders for their remarkable work and for the reports shared under this agenda item.

Mr President,

When sitting in this Council, the migrant and refugee crisis facing the world today evokes a sense of collective shame. Too many who are desperate, destitute, and yet determined, fleeing from difficult situations to more promising places to earn a dignified life, are losing their lives in the process. And, should they survive, they arrive to a destination where they are unwelcome, often met with hatred, abuse, humiliation and even violence. The desperate plight of migrants all over the world, must be an issue that this Council takes seriously, especially the most vulnerable, such as women and children who often find themselves under extremely difficult circumstances in destination countries.

The Maldives has long argued racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerances. The two major issues which we believe that requires the Council’s full attention are the issue of Palestine andthe situation in Myanmar.

We must do better in the Rakhine State of Myanmar, where conditions remain ripe for ethnic cleansing.

We must also collectively work towards ending the de facto system of apartheid in the State of Palestine, where it has become entrenched since generations past. Finally, we must take strong action in Syria, where violence and hatred may taint generations to come.

Thank you Mr President.