Mr. President,

The Maldives extends its thanks to the Special Procedures that have shared reports and presentations under this agenda item.

The Maldives is deeply concerned about the on going grave human rights situations in different parts of the world presented to this Council by the various mandate holders in their reports.

Mr President,

The Maldives remains firm in its condemnation of the illegal actions and constant provocations and human rights violations by Israel. And it is for lasting peace and security that the Maldives call on an end to this shameful occupation that continues to exist for 7 decades. The Maldives in this regard, reiterates its strong and steadfast support for the rights of Palestine, including the need for a two-state solution, as a fundamental step towards safeguarding the human rights of the Palestinian people and finally providing them with the right to self-determination.

The escalating violence in Syria; and the horrendous crimes committed against the Syrian population in a conflict, which has been waged primarily against civilians is unjustified and deeply worrying. It is disheartening to see that children continue to be the most vulnerable group in this horrific violence.

Given the appalling number of innocent lives that have already been claimed by this conflict, we believe it is crucial to ensure that unobstructed humanitarian aid is continuously accessible to those in need in order to prevent further casualties. The crisis in Syria is indeed one of the gravest tragedies of our time. We all have a duty to support the peace process, end violence and ensure respect for human rights and International humanitarian law.

Mr President,

As already stated in the ID with Myanmar, Maldives is concerned about the ongoing violence against the Rohingya population which is impacting adversely on vulnerable groups, mostly children and women, especially those belonging to Muslim communities. We call upon the Government of Myanmar to take measures to ensure that women and children are protected from any kind of prejudice, violence and discrimination.

Mr President,

Full respect for the promotion and protection of human rights is essential to achieving lasting peace. The Maldives remains committed to support the international community in taking action to resolve these crises in war-torn countries

Thank you.