Mr. President,

The Maldives thanks the UN’s Secretary General, High Commissioner for Human Rights, and Special Mandate holders who submitted reports under this agenda item during the 35th Session.

Mr. President,

The Human Rights Council is the primary mechanism by which global norms and standards on the promotion and protection of human rights come into fruition. It is the primary organ that builds consensus on protecting vulnerable populations and safeguarding the rights of the world’s citizens. It is the vehicle by which we improve future prospects for humanity.

We ask the strong to shelter the weak and the privileged to mind the disenfranchised. We aim to improve the human condition for every individual, because history has taught us that we are each connected – and that strife anywhere, in time, will surely reach everywhere. And therefore, to ensure that no one is left behind, in this Council it is our collective aim to create an atmosphere that facilitates growth, including both economic and social progress. We imbue in the terms “liberty, equality and fraternity” a noble reference that make these ideals eternally aspirational.

Though each of us can improve, not only the state of our nations, but the efficacy of how we govern, it is often easy for us to forget how far our nations have come. Instead of twisting and misrepresenting the good achieved, due to perceived slights or political expediency, instead of giving in to those who would seek to divide and isolate us, it is more important than ever that we, as an international community, unite against the global ills that we all collectively face. This Council’s mandate to improve the human condition can only be realized through unity and greater attempts towards consensus. This Council must not pave the way for polarisation on political ideologies.

The Maldives looks forward to finding common ground and working together with States to achieve the greatest possible common good.

Thank you