Thank you, Mr. President,

The Maldives resolutely condemns the methodical violations of human rights perpetrated by the Israeli forces in the Palestinian Territories including that of East Jerusalem, which has been subjected to unlawful Israeli occupation.

My delegation asserts, as it has so many times before, that Palestine and Israel must exist within sovereign borders based on pre-1967 demarcations, living side by side at peace, with East Jerusalem as Palestine’s capital. Without renewed efforts toward this goal, the cycle of hate and fear will continue to lead to violence. The reality of occupation is that it is a violation of human rights, international law, and every sense of human decency. Generations of Palestinians and Israelis alike are being robbed of their birthright to stability, safety, and prosperity, and to live free from fear and hatred.

The Government of Maldives stands in resolute solidarity with the people of Palestine in their efforts to uphold a sovereign state.

The Maldives believes that it is our moral obligation as global citizens to address this ongoing humanitarian crisis in Palestine and the occupied territories. We strongly urge Israel to enter the process of peace and dialogue in which we hope both States will engage constructively.

The time for action had come and almost gone. The scars furrowed across the heart of these lands will last the span of generations and even the healing hand of time will struggle against the legacy of the challenges we face today.

The Maldives stands ready to support every peace process and calls for the renewed support of all member states in these efforts.

Thank you, Mr. President