Delivered on 9 November 2017

Delivered by Dr Hala Hameed, Permanent Representative and Ambassador Permanent Mission of Maldives to the United Nations Office and other International Organisations


Thank you, Mr. President,

The Maldives welcomes the delegation of the Republic of Korea to this review, acknowledging with appreciation today’s presentation, and take positive note of the national report.

The Maldives is encouraged by the Government’s efforts in the promotion and protection of child rights, including the re-establishment of the Child Policy Coordinating Committee. The Maldives commends the responsiveness of the government of the Republic of Korea to the demographic change of the country of becoming an aged society, and is encouraged by the introduction of the basic pension scheme and measures undertaken to protect their elderly. The Maldives also welcomes the efforts by the Government to improve legal and institutional framework to promote human rights of persons with disabilities

The Maldives presents the following two recommendations to the Republic of Korea :

  • Continue measures to prevent, investigate and prosecute domestic violence offences and strengthen victim care.

We wish the Republic of Korea every success in this Review.

Thank you, Mr. President