Delivered on 10 May 2018

Delivered by Her Excellency Dr Hala Hameed, Ambassador | Permanent Representative of Maldives to the United Nations Office at Geneva

Thank you, Mr. President,

The Maldiveswarmly welcomes the delegation of Djibouti to this review and expresses appreciationfor their presentation today.

The Maldives commends the adoption of National Strategic Action Plan for Children in Djibouti, including the targeting of vulnerable children and children with disabilities. We further commend the adoption of the Master Plan for Education 2013 -2019 creating an environment that allows all children to exercise their fundamental rights.

The Maldives is also encouraged by establishment of Universal Health Insurance Scheme to the population of Djibouti in efforts to foster inclusive access to health for all.

In constructive spirit, the Maldives recommends that the Government of Djibouti:

  1. Continue efforts to remove barriers on the equal participation of women from the labourforce; and
  2. Continue efforts to enhance inclusiveand quality education to all children.

We wish Djibouti every success at this cyle of the Universal Periodic Review.

Thank you, Mr. President