Preliminary results of the Presidential Elections of Maldives

Sunday 08 Sepetember 2013

The preliminary results have been announced in the Presidential Elections of the Maldives. The preliminary results announced by the Elections Commission of Maldives are as follows;

1.Incumbent President Mohamed Waheed
Independent 05.13% 10,750 votes
2.Qasim Ibrahim
Jumhooree Party 24.07% 50,422 votes
3.Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayoom
PPM 25.35% 53,099 votes
4.Mohamed Nasheed
MDP 45.45% 95,224 votes
Invalid : 2,395 votes  

211,890 voters, amounting to more than 88% of a total of 239,593 eligible voters, voted in this election. The polling day went smoothly and ended without any major incidents. A total of 2,328 observers and 1,660 monitors including 102 foreign observers and 25 foreign monitors were active during the election to ensure its credibility and transparency. The observers and monitors have noted that the election process went peacefully and was very transparent. Transparency Maldives, which fielded the most number of observers, has also concluded that the election was very smooth and transparent and that there were no incidents which would have a material impact on the final outcome.

The final results of the election are to be announced on 14 September 2013 and the run-off between the two candidates who receive the highest number of votes is to be held on Saturday, 28 September 2013.

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