Maldives and Italy has a long history of close relations since it developed diplomatic ties in 1966, right after Maldives gained independence after being a British Protectorate. Maldives fosters strong ties in tourism, trade and in areas of health and energy with Italy.

Maldivian tourism sector is strongly benefited by the numerous Italian tourists that frequent Maldives. In 2011, agreement was signed between the Government of Maldives and Region Abruzzo Italy to support a bone marrow transplant project for Thallassaemia patients (a condition that many Maldivans suffer)  to receive treatment in Italy.

Over the series of high-level visits by the two states, there has been discussion on ways of strengthening ties in areas of mutual benefit especially in climate change.

The Permanent Mission of Maldives has been accredited as the Embassy to Italy since 2012.

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